Rev. Sarah Carroll, became the Minister of Christian Education with responsibilities in Youth, & Children's ministries, and has been involved in ministry since she was a toddler, crawling around in her clown suit with Brother Bobo, (Pastor Taylor) and Sister Sunshine, (Sister Renee) at kids krusades around the country.

Pastor Sarah is a graduate of the University of Mount Olive, with a degree in youth &Christian education/Youth Ministry. She served for 5 years as Youth & Children's Pastor for the Haven of Hope Church.

In January of 2018, Pastor Sarah was called by the church to fill the role of Associate pastor, after she had spent several months as acting pastor, during Pastor Taylor's lengthy battle with renal failure.

Her leadership qualities were apparent to everyone at age 4 when everyone on the playground, (4-12 yr olds) played what Sarah wanted to play.

Her anointing became even more apparent at age 8 when she was Baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, after praying with nearly 600 youth & children during a youth camp service in KY. The following weekend, when she returned home to her church, and gave testimony to such, and saw the Holy Ghost fall on the service, as she prayed with children, adults, and even senior adults to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in that service!

"Pastor Spazz", as she's affectionately known around the country, exhibits a powerful anointing to preach, and connect with whomever her audience may be, and that anointing pours over into her altar services each week in The Flood Youth Church.

Pastor Spazz spent all her life on the road with her parents in evangelism and local church ministry, and is exemplary in her role as Associate Pastor.

Pastor Sarah is married to our Music Director, Mason Carroll.