The Haven of Hope Church was established in October of 1978, by Pastor Elsie Lane (Briley), as the Fremont Church of God. The church had 4 brand new KJV bibles laid at each corner of the foundation.

Pastor Elsie labored intensely, alongside a number of original members, (including Pastor Hazel Carver, retired, Pastor J Mack Taylor's grandmother, who became Pastor Elsie's mentor and confidant), raising funds for the new building, and to meet the financial needs of the church. Often rising early each morning, preparing breakfast biscuits, and making her rounds around town selling the breakfast sandwiches.

During her stay at the Fremont Church of God, as Pastor Elsie's mentor, Hazel Carver's Husband, Pastor Taylor's grandfather died. She had insurance, and the military paid for a tombstone, so she took the tombstone money, and bought a brand new pulpit, and communion table for the church. Now every Sunday, Pastor Taylor preaches from behind a pulpit, with his grandfather's name engraved on it

Not long after Pastor Elsie left the church, several years later, the numbers drastically declined, ands they would rise and fall slightly over the years with each new pastor.

In November of 2011, the Lord led Pastor J Mack Taylor to the church for an interview, where the church had only 6 senior adults in attendance, for over 17 years.

The last pastor had closed the doors, by closing off the church windows, and taking down the church sign, moving a number of old mobile homes onto the property, along with a plethora of old farm equipment, leading the entire neighborhood to believe it was no longer a church.

When Pastor Taylor arrived, the Lord had blessed the church with a significant financial windfall due to flood damage insurance, and the church was freshly remodeled inside and out, essentially becoming a Brand new church building!

When he arrived for his interview service, there were 46 in attendance in anticipation of his arrival, and the church unanimously voted to bring Pastor Taylor, and his gifted, anointed, talented family, to minister to the church. He soon discovered, the Fremont Church of God, was the most loving, welcoming group of Christians he had ever been blessed to meet, and they continue to be so to this day!
Sister Renee Taylor, strongly gifted with organizational skills, quickly launched a brand new Women's Discipleship Ministry, which took off very well, as well as Sister Renee's gift with infant children serving the church well in nursery ministries!

Sister Alycia Taylor, along with her sister and brother-in-law, Rev. Sarah & Mason Carroll, were all 3 extremely gifted musically, and set fire to the worship format of the services, with Alycia becoming the music minister. Mason became the Music assistant, until Alycia's resignation in 2014 to pursue her music and teaching education at UMO, when he stepped up into the position of Music Minister.

Rev. Sarah Carroll became the Minister of Youth & Christian Education, with responsibilities in Youth, Children, and Young Adult ministries; and immediately began to see growth, but was severely limited by a complete lack of facilities by which to best utilize her anointing in those areas.

During the Month of September 2017, pastor Taylor suffered complete kidney failure, and was hospitalized for several weeks, and was completely out of commission for another 4 months, until his miraculous healing during a service in November of the same year. During that Time, Pastor Sarah took over the responsibilities of Pastoring the church, while Pastor Taylor was recuperating. As such, the church unanimously voted to call Pastor Sarah as the Associate Pastor to the church, with responsibilities overseeing the youth and Children's Ministries, and called Sister Jessica Cooper as the Associate Youth Pastor, to take over the responsibilities of youth and children's ministries.

In April 2013 the church began a building program, in which 3 modular units were purchased, and put together to serve as a Youth Parsonage, and a brand new Multi-purpose center, (Fellowship Hall, Youth & Children's Ministry center), after which those ministries have begun to soar!

Pastor Taylor's Father, Jim Taylor, took a brief stint as Church Treasurer, before resigning to Join Bro Thurman Creech as co-heads of the "Men of Iron" Men's fellowship, which has taken off exceptionally well. Brother Jim passed away in 2019, and Brother Thurman's health prevents him from driving to the church. So Brother Bob Connell is now the head of the Men of Iron men's ministry.

Since his first official service as Senior Pastor, Jan 1st, 2012, the church has been inundated with powerfully anointed, Pentecostal church services, and revivals. Pastor Taylor often reflects that the growth and anointing are not because he came to the church, but that he came to the church as God led him there because the REVIVAL and ANOINTING of the church was already there, waiting for him to be a part of God's plan for the church: to be a Haven of Hope for the Hopeless in this, the last day!

Won't you come be a part of the most loving, accepting, and anointed group of people on this side of Heaven?

Among the new ministries:

    -THE FLOOD Youth Ministries services on Wednesday evenings in the Multipurpose center
    -Sunday morning Kid STORM children's church on Sunday mornings
    -Women's Discipleship ministry
    -MEN OF IRON Men's Fellowship
    -Praise & Worship Music Team
    -Quarterly/Seasonal BIG EVENTS to minister to the local community
    -WEEKLY Sunday Night Fellowship Dinners