Legacy Senior Adult Minstry is headed up by Sister Virginia Connell, an anointed preacher in her own right, Sister Virginia has the heartbeat of these senior adults, as well as many others within the Haven of Hope Church.

We are currently rebuilding the ministry efforts of the Legacy Senior Adult Ministry, and look forward to the midweek afternoon lunches, bingo games, road trip outings, and all the other brilliant ideas for ministry with which the Lord chooses to anoint Sister Virginia!

The Haven of Hope Church is blessed to have so many anointed, gifted, and talented people in our leadership. Sister Barbara Pruitt is a real hoot as our Sanctuary Sunday School teacher! Sister Rachel Price is also one of those gifted, anointed, talented people. She serves as Co-Teacher for the sanctuary class

Come hear her zany antics during Sunday School at the Haven of Hope church, Sundays at 10am