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Online Sermons

Ye Shall Recover All 8-29-2021

Rosh Hashanah 9-5-2021

SIN 9-18-2021

I Will Rise 9-26-2021

To Dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High 10-3-2021

God Will Move 10-10-2021

The Mighty Hand of the Lord 10-17-2021

The Rock of Living Water 10-24-2021

Dry Bones Hear the Word of the Lord 10-30-2021

Lord, We Need Thee 11-07-2021

Expecting to Receive

Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice (Behind Obedience, There is Blessing)

Give Thanks 11-28-2021

There's Power in the Name of Jesus 12-05-2021

That The World Through Him Might Be Saved12-12-2021

Away In A Manger 12-19-2021

This Shall Be A Sign Unto You12-26-2021 am

Be Changed Or Be Left Behind12-26-2021 pm

Perilous Times, Fear Not 01-09-2022

The Ways Of God 1-16-2022 am

Jesus On The Mainline 1-16-2022

WAVE OF GLORY 1-30-2022

Step Into The Water 2-6-2022

Waves of Glory 2-13-2022

All or Nothing 2-20-2022

No Not One 2-27-2022

Breathe His Name 3-6-2022

Conviction 3-13-2022

TRIUMPH 3-13-2022

DEDICATED 3-20-2022



Speak Life and Blessings Over The Church -4-3-2022

Proclaim The Victory 4-10-2022

The Truth Hurts Sometimes 4-24-2022

One Reason 5-15-2022

Trust in Me 5-22-2022

Do We Need the Holy Ghost 5-29-2022

Stand Alone with the Holy Ghost 6-05-2022

There's a day coming 6-12-2022

Hearts of the Fathers 6-19-2022

A Debt i cannot repay 6-26-2022

Proclaim the Victory in Your Families 7-3-2022

Power in the Name of Jesus 7-10-2022

What's in a Name 7-10-2022

Still Running From God 7-17-2022

Psalm 23 the Promise 7-17-2022

Adam Fulghum Revival promo video

Adam Fulghum Revival promo audio

Could Ye Not Tarry One Hour - Rev. "Hurricane" Hazel Carver 1

Could Ye Not Tarry One Hour - Rev. "Hurricane" Hazel Carver 5

Could Ye Not Tarry One Hour - Rev. "Hurricane" Hazel Carver 6